Professional Organizing, Central Arkansas

At Spectrum Organizing, we design spaces that function with your lifestyle and optimize your storage without sacrificing style.  My work is influenced by all things that inspire a connection between stylish interiors and organization.

A general overview of the process…

We usually spend the first session(s) working side by side with a client, sorting items to be kept, tossed, donated, etc.  What to keep is ultimately the client’s decision; but we guide each client to make good decisions throughout the sorting process, in a practical and nonjudgmental way.  The client’s involvement during this phase better enables them to maintain organization going forward.

We create a plan for the space according to how the client needs the space to function.  A system of organization is incorporated into the design that’s tailored to the client’s lifestyle, tendencies, and preferences in decor.  We also discuss any product recommendations that would optimize storage, organization, and the functionality of the space.

“Turnkey” organizing projects are performed on occasion if a client is unable or chooses not to be involved in the process.  In this case, the client budgets for the additional hours required for the project to be completed “turnkey” by the Organizing Consultant.

What type of project do you have in mind?

…Closet, entryway, multi-purpose room, kitchen, home office, or a combination of areas?  If you’d like to contact us about your project, then please do so through our contact form.


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