Recognizing Untapped Storage Potential

Before you rent a storage unit, look around your home and find unused spaces that are lost or just underutilized.  Shelving and other types of storage can be designed in those underutilized spaces of your home.  You’ll enjoy the additional storage, and may also add value to your home’s equity.  Where are the untapped potential areas for storage in your home?

(above)  built-in shallow cabinetry for shoe storage via Houzz,  storage drawers under staircase featured in Traditional Home via Kelly G Design

(above) window seat storage and cabinetry by Peter Dunham Designs via DecorPad

(above)  corner shelving via Nuestra Vida Dulce

(above)  window seat storage and cabinetry by Niche Interiors,  staircase with storage drawer via Vogue Living Australia designed by Unicraft Joinery

(above)  storage bench nook via Samantha Pynn Inc,  staircase storage by Levitate Architects

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Stylized Paper Storage

Paper storage favorites found at The Container Store

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Why Organize?

Studies have consistently shown that cluttered surroundings induce stress, clutter the mind, and zap your energy.

Clutter causes stress, says Gary Small, MD director of UCLA Center on Aging.  Stress activates cortisol in the body, a hormone that if chronically elevated, is linked with anxiety and agitation.  Chronic stress can speed aging and increase risk of heart disease and stroke.

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