Forget Making New Year Resolutions

Forget making resolutions. Create an action plan, rather than a list of things you think you should do that will leave you feeling guilty for not accomplishing them.

When you create a plan of action – you plan for success.

1. Define a specific goal you want to accomplish.
2. Decide how you’re going to accomplish it.
3. Break it down into small, specific, realistic steps. (monthly, weekly, daily goals)
4. Track your progress and hold yourself accountable.

Wishing you happy and organized new year!

(image via See Jane Work)


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2 Responses to Forget Making New Year Resolutions

  1. I completely agree with you about not making resolutions, 2012 for me is about changing habits instead of setting goals.
    I’ll be making a post about this in February, so hopefully you’ll look out for it!
    x kat

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